Dr Rajkumar’s Learning​ App, a research-based on-line education platform is here to make quality​ learning affordable and accessible.

Dr Rajkumar's Learning​ App, a research-based on-line education platform is here to make quality​ learning affordable and accessible.

Why Online Learning is the Future of Education

Online learning is the future of education. We all know, change is the only constant. With the advent of the pandemic in 2020, the way we learn and access education has been majorly affected. It has created roadblocks that hinder us from attending classes physically in a classroom. One of the major disadvantages that has occurred due to this unprecedented situation is the absence of physical presence of teachers and students in a common space which traditionally tends to help generate more attention. However, advancement in technology has opened new opportunities in the face of these drawbacks. Let’s find out how. But before that, let us see what online learning actually is!

What is Online Learning?

The rapid growth of the Internet has made data and information highly accessible to everyone. It has changed the way people do business, shop, socialize and experience learning and education. The internet is creating a wave of a brand-new learning culture which takes us above and beyond traditional schooling and classroom learning. All you need to access online education is a computer or mobile device and a working Internet connection.Online Education is electronically supported learning that relies on the Internet for teacher-student interaction and distribution of learning materials.It uses a virtual platform to deliver courses and class curriculum and sometimes to host live online classes through video calls. This opens up numerous doors for those who want to take up remote learning. If you want to study at a foreign university, you can do so from your home; if you are unable to attend classes at a specific educational institution, you have the option of attending the online version of the same subject. Online education broadly makes education more accessible to anyone who is interested in learning and does so at more reasonable rates than traditional education systems. Moreover, it brings with it the element of personalized online courses, tailor-made to suit your needs and lifestyle. You have the option of customizing your online learning plan according to your own interests which also includes the benefit of choosing your own timings.

Types of Online Education Programs:

  • 100% Online Education: Get access to fully online degrees from the comfort of your home without having to attend classes or visit the university.
  • Hybrid Education: Students have the option of dividing their entire curriculum into online classes and on-campus courses.
  • Online Courses: Besides the preset degree programs, online education also offers online courses to help students learn specific skills and master certain educational topics that they aspire to specialize in.
  • MOOCs: Massive Open Online Courses are learning sessions delivered to larger audience at a time in the form of an online lecture.

Although online education comes with a plethora of options to pick to and choose from, that does not take away the quality requirements from it. Studying online is not easier. With the advancement in technology, online educational institutions using virtual platforms have automated processes to nullify any fraud/plagiarism. Online learning is a tool for you to reach further while at home.

Benefits of Online Learning:

It’s Flexible

Online education allows teacher and students to set their own pace of learning with added flexibility of selecting customized schedules that fits everybody’s agenda. Compromise becomes secondary with online education this way as it helps create an ideal work-study balance and thus, nobody has to give anything up. Online education also teaches you effective time management skills which in turn, will help you prioritize your day-to-day activities. Since, teachers and students have a common agenda here, these helps both parties accept new responsibilities and have more autonomy.

Access to a variety of online learning programs

With a space as vast as the Internet, online education offers a wide selection of skills and programs to learn and master. More and more universities and institutions are creating online versions of their on-campus courses. Whether it is computer programming, music theory, website development or quantum physics, online education platforms are offering learning opportunities for every student. Students may also take up online tests to help assess their skills. Online education also provides multiple study materials and question banks that students can gain access to in order to brush up their concept knowledge and use for reference while studyng.

It’s Accessible

Online Classes enables you to study or teach from anywhere. This means there is no need commute or stick to a specific routine. This subsequently translates to saving time and money which can be utilized in other activities. You can take advantage of this by taking your online classes with wherever you go. There will be no need to give up on travel, work or study no matter where you are in the world.

A Customized Online Learning Experience

As mentioned earlier, online learning gives you access to un-ending flexibility. Each student has the option of deciding their own pace of study. Over and above that, online learning platforms offer tailor made courses depending on the student’s requirement and level of ability. Online classes accommodate only a few students at a time and in almost all cases it is on a one-to-one basis. This enables teachers to give more attention to their students, thus, improving the quality of interaction. In terms, of deliverables, teachers can choose from a wide variety of formats, such as interactive audiovisuals, journals, e-books, forums and online discussions.

Cost Effective

When compared to the traditional education systems, online education is far more affordable. There is a wide range of payment options that let you pay in installments or on per class basis. This enables better budget management. Moreover, there are frequent scholarship opportunities for children which rarely makes the price high. You can also save money on commute and study material which are mostly available free of cost on online education platforms. The bottom line being, the investment is less in online education, but the results are better than most options.

Final Verdict

These are a few reasons that has led to online education becoming a new trend when it comes to learning and gaining knowledge. More than 90% of students today, are looking at online education as better than or at least at par with traditional education systems. No doubt, online learning is convenient, but students must assess their situation uniquely before option for online learning platforms. It is not the same as traditional classroom learning and requires discipline and self-motivation.

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